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Suffering From Allergies At Home: Making Your Bedroom Better

Have you ever been to a home or a place that makes your allergies go crazy? Indoor allergies can be a nightmare making it impossible to comfortably enjoy the location you are in. An allergist in Abington, PA could help you, but there are other things to do as well. Let’s say you have a beloved aunt whose house is rather larger, so it is difficult for her to thoroughly clean and dust. Let us also add two longhaired cats to the mix.  For someone dealing with serious indoor allergies, the question becomes do I want to see my aunt or do I want to breath and see clearly (as a result of not suffering from allergy symptoms). This is a hypothetical but very real scenario. Imagine if your own home triggered your allergies. What would or could you do? Calling an allergist in Abington, PA should be your first step. You could live on allergy medication and start doing allergy therapy, but there is still more you can do in the short term to make your home more comfortable for you. Your home is supposed to be the place you go to feel comfort and safety. Allergy symptoms in the home could ruin that for you.

Allergist in Abington and Willow Grove, PAIn the home, the one room that arguably gives the most problem to people is the bedroom, and this is a result of dust mites and things people don’t consider. The first thing that you should do to make your bedroom more comfortable for yourself is to put hypoallergenic casings on your bed. That means hypoallergenic pillows with pillow covers. It also means hypoallergenic sheets and duvet covers. Some people will do this and then on top of it they will put fancy quilts and pillows for style/fashion/decor. What people don’t think about is how these items cover up your hypoallergenic sheets. People also have a tendency to not wash certain pillows and sheets, so the dust mites are just pilling up on your bed. Make sure you only use bedding that you will wash, and try and wash your sheets frequently (not every day, but at least every other week).

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Another drastically important thing to do for your bedroom is to dust and vacuum on a weekly if not biweekly basis. This isn’t a fun task to have to do, but it will absolutely make it easier for you to breath and see when living at home. Taking care of this cleaning will do wonders for your allergy symptoms. Take care of your home and do a search for allergist in Abington and Willow Grove, PA. Let us help you while you help yourself.

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