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Tips for Surviving with Springtime Allergies

Those that suffer from allergies know exactly how hard that can be. Even those who have minor symptoms still struggle at times to be comfortable and without pain. Unfortunately, there are too many people who have resigned to live their lives as they have, meaning that they struggle with allergies. There are ways for people to treat their symptoms, and usually when people mix multiple treatments is when they will feel best.

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One of the most common things people do to feel comfortable is to avoid allergens altogether. Allergen avoidance only works when a person knows what they are allergic to. Some individuals may be able to discern through trial and error but getting tested by our allergists near Marlton, NJ and Langhorne, PA will give you the clearest picture possible.

Medications help most people suffering from allergy symptoms. Over-the-counter drugs reduce the immune system’s response to allergens found in the body. Many doctors recommend these pills, nose sprays, or eye drops.

Immunotherapy works best for those that live with severe allergy symptoms that are not completely relieved by other treatments. This medical treatment introduces low doses of purified allergen extracts into the bloodstream so that the body naturally builds a defense against them. Come for testing from our allergists near Langhorne, PA and Marlton, NJ.

Emergency epinephrine is a last resort for people that have the most extreme allergic reactions. For some, reactions can be so bad that an emergency shot is always carried on their person. Without the epinephrine shot, there is a chance that a person can die from an allergic reaction.

Allergist Langhorne, PA

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