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Quit Smoking To Have Better Allergy Health

Living with allergies can be terrible. Some people have mild symptoms, but some unfortunate people suffer in ways that makes living a normal life hard.  There are options like pills, sprays, or drops, but they don’t last forever and they don’t work perfectly. Some people get treatment from allergists. Although it is a long road to go down, it is the only real way to cure you of allergy symptoms. Besides treatment and drugs, there are things you can do that will have a direct impact on your overall allergy health.

Allergist Bucks CountyToday, we are going to talk about how cigarettes affect allergy symptoms. First, being allergic to tobacco or nicotine is not very common. Some people are allergic to the plant and leafs of tobacco; however when it is burnt the smoke isn’t allergy causing. Nicotine allergies are more common, and they also have a wide range of symptoms that come along with it. If you don’t suffer terribly from allergies, except when you smoke, then you might be allergic to nicotine. If after you smoke you find yourself with head pain, upset stomach/nausea, congestion, difficulty in breathing, and/or even rashes/hives then you may want to consider quitting. An allergist will be able to tell you for certain what you are allergic to.

If you are not allergic to nicotine, or one of the other many chemicals in cigarettes, then you should know that the smoke does not cause allergies. The issue with smoking is that is causes allergy symptoms to be worse, or it can make those who don’t suffer have similar symptoms. If you are not allergic to dust or dirt, but you find yourself with itchy, red eyes after smoking, it is because smoking cause allergy like symptoms. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, and that includes the vessels in the eye. This is why your eye would get red, and itchy. So, imagine you have itchy, red eyes from being outside. Can you imagine how much worse you’d feel by constricting your blood vessels more by taking in nicotine? Did you know that smoking cigarettes could also irritate the nasal passages?  This will lead to a runny nose or to excessive sneezing. If these are already allergy symptoms you suffer from then you need to quit smoking because you are only making things worse.

There are so many different reasons to quit smoking cigarettes, but the most important reason is your health and the health of the people around you. You will notice many improvements in your health once you quit, and one of those improvements will be your allergy health.

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