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Prepare Now for Spring Time Allergies

Although winter is just arriving, it is essential to start thinking about protecting ourselves from springtime allergies. allergist willow grove paThe spring of 2018 was terrible for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, and it is projected that things can potentially get worse for the upcoming 2019 season. Living in areas that are cold, snowy, and wet, tend to have an abundance of pollen (grass and tree). As the spring thaws the winter cold, pollen will begin to harm those suffering from allergies. In Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, spring sniffles are brought on by common culprits:

  • Grass
  • Flowers
  • Tree pollen

Taking time to understand what you are allergic to before the spring allows individuals to protect themselves from allergy symptoms. The first thing any individual should do is to find out if they are suffering from allergies.

Changing weather, from hot to cold or vice versa can make the body sick. The symptoms will be very similar between the common cold and allergies. Getting tested near Willow Grove, PA will allow you to know if you have allergies, and if so what allergens cause the symptoms.

Allergist Willow Grove, PA

After your diagnosis, you can acquire drugs that suit your body, or you can continue with immunotherapy (allergy shots). Our doctors use a specific substance that triggers reactions for allergy symptoms, which help your body to develop natural immunity. It is like getting a vaccination or flu shot. The main difference between a simple vaccination is the time needed and the number of shots. The flu shot is one and done, but with allergy shots, at first, they are given weekly. We recommend preparing the body now for the upcoming spring season. The earlier you come for shots, the better off your body will be to fight off allergens naturally.

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