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Nighttime Allergy Symptoms

Do you notice that sometimes your allergy symptoms are worse at night, and especially before bed? Nighttime allergies are uncomfortable, and they can also ruin a person’s sleep. A bad night sleep carries over to the next day and will make an individual feel groggy and out of sorts. Some individuals cannot get to sleep while others continually wake up throughout the night. Why are symptoms worse at night?

Pollen levels are highest during nighttime hours. In the dark, cold temperature pollen begins to settle (finding its way back to the ground). Another big problem is old mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Older, non-hypoallergenic beds will harbor dust mites. When you get into that bed, allergy symptoms will flare up.

There are multiple things an allergy sufferer can do to alleviate nighttime allergy symptoms. This includes frequent cleaning and dusting, buying new bedding, and not letting pets into the bedroom. We can help you lessen symptoms throughout the year. Allergy treatments are the most efficient way to mitigate problems associated with allergies. Going for allergy shots is not a quick fix, but it is the only fix that can work permanently. For more information about treatments visit our allergists in Willow Grove and Marlton PA.

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