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Make your Bedroom an Allergen Free Zone

During times of allergy symptoms, people need a place they can go and escape. Considering it is almost impossible to make an entire home or office allergen free, it is essential to think more realistically about creating a safe space. Picking a room in your house to focus all energy on is the best way to escape allergy symptoms in the house. The bedroom is most fitting room to focus on (mainly because this is where you sleep).

The most natural thing to do to protect your room is to kick dust mites out of the room and especially your bed. Dust mites live in bedding, carpets, and curtains. Getting and using hypoallergenic pillows, cases, and sheets will get them off your bed. You must also keep a weekly or bi-weekly dusting regiment.

If you own pets, they should no longer be allowed in your bedroom. Regardless of the bread or hair type, animals carry dander, and that is what triggers allergy symptoms.

Protect the air in your bedroom by ensuring that air filters for HVAC systems are clean. Dirty filters kick dust and pollen into the air. A dirty air filter can negate all the hard work you are doing in your bedroom.


  • Declutter Bedroom
  • Vacuum Regularly
  • Use Window Treatments
  • Get Rid of all Pests

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