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Length of Allergy Shots

Most people want quick fixes. This is even the case for dealing with allergy symptoms. Many individuals opt for a quick pill or spray rather than the therapy that is necessary to lessen allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy, also called allergy shots, can help the body to build up a natural immunity to the things that trigger allergy symptoms. For those who can commit to lengthy treatments, they can live a simpler life without allergy medication and symptoms.

The initial two sessions will be the longest of the courses you will go for. Before getting allergy shots, an allergist will do tests to determine what you are specifically allergic too. They will also determine how allergic you are to specific allergens (to determine the dosage).

After the first few sessions, a typical treatment will only last a few minutes. Considering the potential side effects of allergy shots, patients typically wait for roughly 30 minutes in the doctor’s office before leaving.

At first, treatments must be administered every one to three weeks. This will be consistent for the first six months of treatment. Within the first year, patients can be going once a month. As time goes on, treatments become less and less.

A typical patient will be going for treatments for up to five years and a minimum of three. Some patients will find that they are cured of there allergy symptoms after this time, whereas for others symptoms can come back within a year. For more information on allergy shots, visit one of our facilities in Marlton or Willowgrove PA.

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