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Immunotherapy FAQ

Immunotherapy (allergy shots) is a confusing subject matter for those who do  not go for this treatment. This therapy is a person’s best option for reducing allergy symptoms without the constant use of allergy drugs. The main thing people know about allergy shots is that it requires needles and injections, and that can scare people away. The more a person learns about allergy shots, the more inclined they are to get treatments. Below, we will be answering some of the most common questions people have about immunotherapy. Hopefully, these answers will encourage you to seek an allergist Willow Grove PA.

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Who should go for allergy shots? Several questions are used to determine candidacy for shots. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are probably a strong candidate.

  • Do you want to decrease the amount of allergy medication you use?
  • Are your allergy symptoms beyond the control of allergy medication?
  • How adverse are your side effects?
  • Do you have allergy triggers that you cannot avoid, like pet dander, dust, or pollen?
  • Would you like to spend more of your time outside without suffering?
  • Do you want a long-term solution for allergy problems?

Are allergy shots effective? When given properly, shots are up to 90% effective. Clinical studies have proven that shots decrease allergy symptoms. Research also suggests that shots are safe and cost-effective.

Can children have the shots? Giving immunotherapy to a child is suggested because it can prevent the development of new allergies or asthma. Typically, a kid must be at least five years old, but it can occasionally be given earlier.

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Are allergy shots safe? The simple answer is yes. The most shared side effects are local reactions, like itching, swelling, and red spots. Problems go away after 30 minutes or up to two days.


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