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How to Survive Fall Allergies

It is difficult to argue that the changing of the leaves during fall is not beautiful. The colors that the trees create are stunning visuals that are not found in any other season. Although the visuals are beautiful, there are many people that dread this season. The fall is known as the worst season for allergy sufferers, especially those that suffer from pollen. Our doctors have compiled a list of small tips to help fall allergy sufferers. If you dread this time of year, reach out for an allergy doctor in South Jersey.

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Keep windows closed: a cool fall breeze feels great, but that breeze is carrying high levels of pollen. Pollen is small enough to penetrate window screens. You should keep in mind that pollen can travel several miles being carried by the wind.

Take off your shoes: Leaves that are covered in pollen, fall to the ground, and then we step on them. When we walk into our homes, we carry them with us (or at least the pollen they left on shoes).

Change clothing quickly and outside of your bedroom: just like our shoes have pollen, so does our clothing. It might be hard to disrobe when you step in the door, but at a minimum, you should keep dirty clothes out of the bedroom.

Saline solution: pollen that we breathe in can stick around in our system. It is a smart idea to consider spraying the solution up your nose to clear your sinus tract.

Hypoallergenic bedroom: It may be expensive to buy all accessories at once, so you should consider acquiring products piece by piece. You can get hypoallergenic mattresses, pillows, sheets, pillowcases, and more.

Allergist Willow Grove PA

Visiting the best allergist Willow Grove or MT Holly has is the first step to beating allergy symptoms.

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