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How to Avoid Winter Allergies

  • What sort of allergy symptoms can you expect this winter? Seasonal allergies are real, and for some, the winter time can be worse for allergy symptoms. Allergist in Willow Grove or MarltonCold days bring watery eyes and itchy noses. They also cause people to wheeze, cough, sneeze, and have difficulty breathing. Those who are most affected by winter allergies tend to suffer both inside the home and out. Houses are supposed to be a comfortable sanctuary away from allergens in the outside world, but for winter allergies this is not the case. Homes do contain allergens, regardless of the time of year.
    There are things homeowners must do to prevent winter allergies. Allergens are always persistent, and so you must stay one step ahead to stay comfortable in your own home.

Allergist in Willow Grove or Marlton

  1. When is the last time a professional examined your home for mold? Mold does not always easily show itself. If left alone, mold will grow, and allergy symptoms will continue. If you notice mold, you should not wash or clean, but instead throw out or replace.
  2. Cleaning HVAC systems and filters will keep air fresh in your home. Use HEPA filters and clean systems with vacuum cleaners to get all the dirt, dust, and other debris.
  3. Monitor the quality of your air inside the house using sensing devices. Take control of the substances in the air. Also, consider adding an air purifier to individual rooms to improve air quality.
  4. Make sure you take care of your allergy symptoms with proper medication and treatment from an allergist in Willow Grove or Marlton, PA. Our team can help you build a natural immunity to allergens so that you can be comfortable during winter months.


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    You can do things in your home, such as keeping it clean, no pets in the bedroom, and getting entirely hypoallergenic bedding (including pillows). These small changes adds up to much relief. Coming to us from Willow Grove or Marlton, PA for allergy shots is the best way to deal with allergy symptoms. We help your body to develop immunities to allergens so you can live a happy life, all year, and all day long.
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