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How do I Prepare for Allergy Skin Testing

Once you’ve chosen to seek out immunotherapy, you need to prepare yourself for your first visit. Getting comfortable with what you’ll experience will make the process less painful and reduce your stress/anxiety levels. On your first visit to an allergist Bucks County, you meet the doctor, and they review your medical and allergy history. Next, the immunologist will administer a skin test.

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Are there any risks associated with allergy skin testing?

Some side effects affect a person’s experience, but they are typically mild and do not last long. Most commonly, a person experiences red, swollen, and itchy skin at the test site. Symptoms are localized. Each person responds to these tests differently, which means that some people experience symptoms immediately, whereas others develop them up to a few hours after the test.

It is extremely rare to have severe reactions to allergy skin testing. After the test, the doctor and staff carefully monitor you and your reactions to make sure nothing terrible happens. A professional allergist in Bucks County cares about safety above all else.

Can you prepare for skin testing?

Your doctor is going to have a conversation with you about your allergies before administering skin tests. To prepare for this, ask family members about their allergic reactions to understand your family history better. The more information you can get together, the better your allergy treatments will be.

Can medications affect skin test results?

Create a list of medications you are taking (over-the-counter and prescriptions). Certain medications are prone to suppress allergic reactions, and this prevents accurate results from skin tests. Drugs leave the body at different rates, so confirm with your doctor when you should stop taking medications.

For more information on preparing for allergy testing, you should reach out for the best allergist Bucks County has to offer you. An allergist Bucks County is fully capable of handling more than just allergies.

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