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Generalizing Allergy Treatments

So, you’ve finally gone to an allergist and you’ve been tested. You finally know the specific root cause of all your symptoms and outbreaks (grass, weeds, food, pet dander, etc.). Regardless of what you’ve tested positive for, the next step is personalized immunotherapy that is carefully planned by your allergist. Before deciding to go for allergy shots, it is important to consider the length of commitment that must be made for allergy shots. Choosing to get allergy shots is a long-term commitment. The proper treatment period ranges from three to five years. If you can handle this commitment then allergy shots might be right for you.

The shots that you will be receiving are concentrations of allergens that trigger your allergies. It is important to note that the shots are not medication or drugs. Instead, each vile of concentrated allergens is custom created to meet the results of the allergy test. This allows allergists to ensure patients don’t have adverse reactions to their shots. With time, as resistances builds, the concentrations get strong. This is because the body can handle it. As the dosages get stronger, you are not required to come in as frequently for shots.

After shots begin, it will take three months to a year to see improvements. For those who stick with allergy shots for the appropriate amount of time, a large portion sees significant improvements. Some estimation put the number as high as 90%.

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