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During What Month Will You Duffer from Allergies the Most

Suffering from allergies can make life unbearable at times. Allergy symptoms can get so bad that they can prevent people from leaving their homes. For others, being at home can be a nightmare because of triggers. Individuals are not all allergic to the same things, and so this leads to people suffering worse at different times. Usually, allergy triggers are broken up into four categories (winter, summer, spring, fall). Monthly allergy sufferers wait for certain parts of the year and dread others. Below, we will go over a quick 12-month list of the worst triggers for each month.

January: During this cold month, windows are closed, and heating systems are circulating air. Dirt and dust that is kicked up into the air has nowhere to escape to, and so you will breathe it in.

February: Mold grows during this time around heating units and moist areas. It is not uncommon to be breathing in mold in the home if left untreated.

March: As winter ends, spring life comes back to greet us. Tree pollen is especially high as trees come back to life.

April: Now that all the snow has melted, and the rain is falling, flower and grass will become a problem for many with allergies.

May: This is usually the worst month for springtime allergy sufferers. Grass, tree, and flower pollen are all around us.

June: This is the worst month for grass pollen.

July: Marking the beginning of summer, this month also marks the start of fungus spores and seeds. Fallen leaves, dead grass, grains, and compost piles will all trigger symptoms.

August: This month is bad for mold spores because of long, hot, and humid days.

September: Ragweed is really bad this time of year.

October: This wet month brings back mold and fungi spores.

November: Many individuals start to complain about pet dander at this time of year.

December: Be careful of the mold spore on dead Christmas trees.

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