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Common Questions About Allergist in Willow Grove, PA

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, have you considered allergy shots? While many people immediately shrink away in fear when they hear the words shots and needles, allergy shots may be the right fit for many allergy sufferers.

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Who is the best candidate for allergy shots?

Many people should consider getting allergy shots including those with severe pet allergies; those with mild to severe allergies; individuals who do not respond to regular allergy medications; and more.

What type of commitment is needed for allergy shots?

To start, the shots are administered weekly to every two weeks. After about a year or so, shots are given every three to four weeks. After your shots are applied, you are required to stay in the office an additional 30 minutes to monitor for any adverse reactions.

How quickly will I see benefits?

The specific answer to this question will vary depending on the individual as everyone reacts differently to allergy shots. Some can see benefits as early as the build-up phase. Others will have to wait a few months after their initial shots to see results.

Are there any adverse reactions I should expect?

While allergy shots are relatively safe, there are some adverse reactions that patients may experience. The two types of responses are local reactions and generalized or systemic reactions. Local reactions are the most common — they including swelling or redness at the injection site. Common generalized reactions are itching, worsening of nose and eye symptoms, and hives. In extreme cases, anaphylaxis can occur which involves swelling in the throat and shortness of breath. Most reactions occur shortly after the shot is given which is why patients are asked to wait in the office before going home.

Allergist in Willow Grove, PA

If you suffer from allergies, we want to help. Our offices at Willow Grove, PA, and Marlton, NJ specialize in medical treatments specific to the patient’s need, including but not limited to, allergy shots.

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