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Do I Need Allergy Shots?

Those that suffer from allergies know just how intrusive and devastating symptoms can be. Many think allergies only cause minor symptoms like a runny or stuffed nose, red eyes, or sneezing. Those that have minor signs benefit from the quick relief provided from sprays and pills, but for more severe symptoms, you need a serious fix. Have you considered coming for an allergy shot?

Allergy Testing Jenkintown PA
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If you are allergic to pollens, dust mites, animal dander, mold, or pests, allergy shots will probably help you. Allergy shots are also known to help children with allergic rhinitis from developing asthma.

What are allergy shots, and how do they work?

On your first visit to an allergy doctor, they will administer a test to find out what causes your body to have adverse allergic reactions. On the second visit, the doctor will conduct a second round of tests to confirm allergens and your body’s resistance to them.

Once the allergy doctor knows you and your body, they will begin to administer weekly allergy shots. These needles are filled with a heavily diluted version of the allergen that causes your body to react. The idea here is that by introducing low levels of an allergen directly into the body will cause a person to build natural defenses against the allergens.

Unlike pills and sprays, allergy shots are the only real way to reduce your body’s response to allergens. In many cases, results from shots can last many years.

To find out if allergy shots are right for you or a loved one, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

Allergy Testing Jenkintown Pa

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