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Allergy in Philadelphia Area

Allergies affect people throughout the world. Some have trouble breathing, where as others can simply not stop sneezing. Symptoms can range from mild irritations to severe problems. People who suffer from allergies must pay special mind to the places they are and the places they are going. This is especially the case when traveling somewhere more rural or somewhere with a lot of green life. Preparations need to be made, such as allergy pills or hypoallergenic sleepwear and pillows, when venturing to these places. Without, allergy sufferers will certainly suffer. As it turns out, different cities and states, within the United States, have been rated for the being the best and worst for people with allergies. Different factors and testing went into compiling these lists, and they seem to be rather accurate.

Among the worst states in the U.S are: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Michigan, and Arkansas.

Kentucky leads the pack in terms of allergy problems, and they also boast the highest statewide pollen count. Wichita, especially, is known for high counts of weed pollens and mold spores. These problems become especially apparent during the fall and spring. Georgia makes the list for different reasons. In Georgia you can find Ulmus Rubra, Slash Pine, and Bromus Inermis. These types of plants have a good amount of pollen. Georgia is also known to not get much rainfall throughout the year (comparatively with the rest of the United States). These two factors put Georgia on the list of worst states for people with allergies. The worst northern state to be in is Michigan. You can find ragweed, amaranth, pigweed, and tumbleweed, and your allergies would hate it. Grand Rapids has a good deal of nettle, which can be a nightmare for a person with allergies.

Although the list is small that doesn’t mean that people in other states don’t suffer as well. Pennsylvania has large areas of dense forest, which can cause serious problems for people with allergies. It can even affect cities like Philadelphia and Langhorne.

If you can avoid states and cities with high pollen counts you can avoid allergy symptoms. If you find an allergist in Langhorne, PA, or Philadelphia, PA, they can help make it so you can go anywhere. An allergist in Langhorne, PA will be more affordable than seeing and allergist in a big city. The same rule applies for allergists throughout the United States. You don’t have to suffer from allergies.

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