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Allergist Willow Grove PA and Pollen Guide

Paying attention to pollen levels and understanding the differences between types of pollen will help you stay comfortable outside. All to often pollen allergies ruin a person’s day and forces them back to the sanctity of their home. Checking daily pollen reports on weather sites can give people insight to what the day might bring. There are also monthly guides that give a general overview of which pollens will be bad and when.

Allergist Willow Grove PA

January is a low month for pollen because of the cold, but in the south Cedar pollen is known to be high.
ebruary is a relatively low month too, but tree pollen (maple, alder) begin to creep up throughout the country.
March pollen is primarily from trees, but it is also the first month that begins to see grass pollen forming—especially is Spring comes early that year.
April marks the height of tree pollen season (willow, pine, mulberry)
May is considered a double whammy month where both grass and tree pollen are found everywhere
June is the worst month for grass pollen (rye, oat, Bermuda)
July gives people relief from tree pollen, but grass pollen is still prevalent. Weed pollen also begin to start forming at this time
August is filled with weed pollen that is spread easily by the wind
September is the worst month for pollen, especially weed pollen
October starts to give people relief by the south and west suffer from weed pollen and some grass pollen
November is one of the best months for outdoor allergies (ragweed)
December is clear, but the south must deal with Cedar Fever

Allergist Willow Grove PA

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