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Don’t Let Springtime Allergies Get You Down

The ending of winter and the beginning of spring is usually a joyous time for many. Flowers begin to bloom, and we leave our houses more often to enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, springtime is not great. The temperatures rising come with an influx of allergies. Don’t suffer this springtime and visit an allergy doctor in Newton, PA.

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Below are tips to manage your allergies during springtime.

  1. The best way to combat allergies is to know what you’re allergic to. It’s challenging to manage your allergies if you’re unsure of what’s causing them. Our doctors know how to test you to find what’s triggering your allergies. Common allergens are grass, mold, wildflowers, and trees.
  2. Allergy-proof your home to prevent allergens from entering. Clean your bedding regularly, dust and vacuum daily, and shut windows during high pollen days. Doing all these things help to keep allergens out of your house.
  3. If you take medication for your allergies, begin treatment before symptoms start. Start taking your medicine before spring and the onset of allergy reactions. Doing this helps to minimize your immune system’s response to allergens.
  4. If you’re used to checking the weather every morning, add the pollen count to that daily task. Many weather sites and apps include a daily pollen count. Only do outdoor activities when the pollen count is low.

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As a leading allergist in Bucks County, we want to help. Call us today to find out what to do to manage your allergy symptoms.

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