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Can Allergy Symptoms Get Worse

Have you noticed that your allergy symptoms have gotten worse over the years? For many individuals that suffer from allergies, problems and symptoms get worse with each passing year. There are four main reasons why this happens to people. With the help from the best allergist Bucks County has to offer, you can take control of your allergies and actively work at reducing symptoms. In some cases, individuals can achieve full remission from their allergy symptoms.

Allergist Bucks County

Why are your allergies getting worse?

  1. Some argue that global warming has a direct effect on increasing allergy symptoms. Because of warmer temperatures, pollen season is getting extended and is becoming more potent. This problem cause symptoms to start earlier in the year, as well as lasting longer. An allergist in Bucks County can help you mitigate this problem.
  2. The rise in automobiles, factories, and a growing city produce higher levels of air pollution. The modern world is filled with poor air quality that directly affects those with allergies. If you live in a populous city, you will experience these effects more than if you lived in a quiet, suburban community.
  3. Stress also has a direct negative effect on allergy symptoms. Chronic stress creates inflammation in the body, so when combined with a body that is hypersensitive to a certain allergen, it is a losing combination.
  4. A person’s age also plays a large factor in the worsening of allergy symptoms. The idea is that the longer one is exposed to the same allergens, the worse their symptoms and reactions will get over the years. Going for allergy testing allows you to pinpoint the exact allergens that affect your health. When you know this, you can actively work to reduce that allergen in your life.

Allergist Bucks County

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