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Tips for Allergy Proofing Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place in your home where you feel the most comfortable. Unfortunately, for many allergy sufferers, this is not the case. As a leading allergist in Bucks County, we know how to handle allergy triggers. In order to feel cozy at your home, rid your bedroom of dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

Allergist Bucks County

Allergist Bucks County
Our are allergist in Philadelphia, Langhorne and Newtown, asthma doctor.

Top ways to allergy-proof your home:

  • Keep up with cleaning – Regularly cleaning your bedroom is the number one way to prevent allergens. Declutter your bedroom and remove any extra fabrics of knickknacks. Removing clutter allows you to dust more efficiently. Aside from dusting, vacuuming is another essential for allergy proofing your bedroom. Vacuuming eliminates dust mites.
  • Maintain air quality – Mold and dust mites are common allergens, and they thrive in warm, damp climates. Ensure the temperature in your home is below 77 degrees at all times. Invest in a dehumidifier if you live in a warm environment.
  • Be choosy when purchasing window treatments – Heavy-duty drapes and blinds are dust catchers. Washable curtains and roller shades are a better option. Make sure you wipe down frames and glass to avoid mildew and mold from growing.
  • Say no to your pets – We all love our four-legged friends; they’re a part of the family. However, it’s best to keep your pets out of the bedroom. If that is not a possibility, at least prevent them from sleeping on the bed with you.

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