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Allergist at Willow Grove, PA

Living with allergies often causes sufferers to limit their contact with pets. We love our pets, but what can we do when the discomfort from allergies seemingly puts us at odds with them?

Allergist Willow Grove PA

Fully understand your allergies. The most significant step is to visit your doctor to determine precisely which allergens you respond to, and how you react to each one. Once you know what is triggering your symptoms, you can take measures to control them.

Keep the bedroom and furniture clean. If you are allergic to your pet, it’s a good idea to keep it off the bed. While people are rarely allergic to cat or dog fur or hair itself, many kinds of allergens can cling to it. Keeping your bedroom pet-free and regularly vacuuming the furniture can significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Keep the air clean. HEPA filters can also offer significant relief from allergies. Installing one in your home HVAC system is a great start, but don’t forget one for the vacuum you’re using. An air purifier is excellent for individual rooms.

Keep yourself & your pet clean. There’s a good chance that you love what you’re allergic too, especially if it’s your pet. A regular bath for your dog or cat helps to reduce exposure to allergens. Moreover, washing your hands and face after belly rubs and snuggling can help keep you and your pet close while mitigating an allergic reaction.

Allergist Willingboro and Willow Grove PA

Life is better with pets, and your allergies don’t have to get in the way of that. Identifying your triggers and minimalizing your exposure to them can reduce allergy symptoms as well as stress for both you and your pets. If you live in Willingboro, Willow Grove or Marlton, PA, come give our allergists a visit for an allergy consultation.

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