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Initial Visit


What to expect

To accurately diagnose an allergy/asthma condition, we take an extensive history, perform a physical examination and, if indicated, complete breathing and diagnostic allergy skin testing. An initial visit requires 45-60 minutes, since additional time is needed for testing. Patients with significant allergies frequently require follow up visits for their evaluations to be completed.

Skin testing, the most reliable method for diagnosing allergies, is performed on the arms by prick and intradermal methods. These cause minimal discomfort. A local anesthetic cream can be used for testing on children. Our experienced nurses can reassure even the most apprehensive patient.

Hours and Appointments

We have convenient day and evening hours Monday through Friday. Please check with individual offices regarding specific office hours.

All appointments to see a physician are scheduled. Injection visits do not need a scheduled appointment. We are always available to see patients on an emergency basis.

If you need to cancel your appointment, you must let the office know 24 hours before your visit or there will be a $40.00 administration fee. 

Medication Notice

Certain medications may interfere with allergy skin testing.  Therefore, we ask that you temporarily discontinue the following medications for three days prior to your initial visit and any subsequent skin testing visits.

  1. All antihistamines including Actifed, Alavert, Allegra, Allegra-D, Antivert, Atarax, Benadryl, Bromfed, Cetirizine, Chlortrimeton, Claritin, Claritin-D, Dimetapp, Diphenhydramine HCL, Doxepin, Fexofenadine, Hydroxyzine, Levocetirizine, Loratadine, Meclizine, Midol Complete, Midol PM, Pamprin Multi-Symptom, PediaCare, Phenergan, Promethazine, Rondec, Semprex-D, Triaminic, Vistaril, Xyzal, Zyrtec and Zyrtec-D.
  2. Astelin, Astepro, Dymista and Patanase nasal sprays.
  3. Over the counter sleep aids such as Tylenol PM.
  4. Do not stop Montelukast or Singulair.

Discontinue Clarinex, Clarinex-D and Desloratadine for five days prior to your initial visit and any subsequent skin testing.

If you are scheduled for patch testing, please discontinue oral steroids.

If you are experiencing active hives, continue all medications. We urge you to keep any scheduled appointment even if you continue to take an antihistamine during those three days.  You should continue to take all asthma medications, including oral inhalers.  If you have any questions about a specific medication not mentioned, please call the office.

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